One simple principle underlies our organic production ethos: our products are produced to the highest standards to promote environmental protection and ecological conservation. We use technologies that don’t pollute the air and water, don’t emit noxious fumes, and don’t have hazardous waste byproducts. In order to obtain an organic certificate from ICEA, not only does the product have to be checked, but also the production technology must undergo careful review. If the technology does not meet the regulations of the certification center, the certificate will not be issued. Organic control is proud to hold the ICEA distinction.

Only environmentally friendly raw materials are used in the manufacturing of Organic Control products. These organic raw materials are grown in a natural way (free of chemicals) in ecologically clean areas. The origin of the raw materials is checked by an inspector during certification (experts of ICEA, a USDA designated agency in Italy). In addition, the materials must have their own certificate. Also, each component of the recipe is tested by scientists of the ICEA Institute, on the degree of bioavailability (i.e. on the ability to decompose in the environment without harming natural resources). And, finally, the finished product formula is thoroughly studied by the experts of ICEA Institute, Italy, and the organic certificate can be received only if the formula components are determined to be free of dangers to the ecosystem!