YZ 10-100V 150A Max Battery Fuel Gauge Coulomb Counter Meter, Universal Accurate Coulometer for Lead Acid, Li-ion,LiFePo4 Battery,LCD Display Stages Power Meter Battery



What you viewed is a real accurate coulometer, it is NOT voltage-detection meter, but coulometer,
will keep a memory for the capacity charged and discharged.Fit for all kinds of battery including lead acid, Ni-Mh,
Li-ion,LiFePo4 10-100V max 150A

Product Feature:
1. With case, frosted surface water, free of screws
2. High accuracy, real-time display battery important information
3. Charge and discharge automatic identification, keep on record
4. Automatic identification of backlight for charge and discharge
5. Sleep low power consumption model
6. Customize the capacity
7. Customize the sleep value
8. Accurate display battery charging time needed, and discharge time left

Display content:
1. Battery capacity value, battery capacity percentage
2. Cell phone battery type analog battery totem;
3. Remaining time for charging and discharging
4. Battery voltage value V;
5. Battery current value A; 0-999A
6. Output power value
Dimensions: 96 * 48 * 13mm
Opening Hole size: 92.5 * 45.5mm
Display Size: 53 * 26mm

This fuel gauge is not the simple fuel gauge only use two wire to measure battery voltage and
indicate the rough capacity, this fuel gauge require some basic electric skill to install
and set the fuel gauge, so if you are not sure you can install it well, better read the
manual well before you start to install the fuel gauge.


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