Tub Cubby Bath Toy Organizer + 36 Foam ABC 123 Letters & Numbers + Baby Rubber Ducky - Mold Resistant 23x30" Mesh Net 6 Divider Bins - Kids Bathtub Shower Caddy Storage Set 10 Suction & Sticker Hooks



Product Description

New for 2020 The Tub Cubby now comes in 3 sizes - Original - Really Big and Double Twin.

  • Three of the Tub Cubbies come with Foam bathtub ABC 123 letters and numbers.
  • The Pink, Yellow Green Boxes all have toys.
  • The Blue and Purple box do not come with toys.

Now there's a Tub Cubby for every need, the Original Tub Cubby, the Original Tub Cubby with Toys and now the Really Big Tub Cubbies have joined the family. Great gift for boys and girls.


The Original Tub Cubby (14 WIDE x 20 LONG) wth 4x Lock Tight Suction Cup Hooks and 3M Discs - Sure to Hold Your Tub Cubby to Any Wall

The Original Tub Cubby Features

  • 14" Wide x 20 " Long - Mold resistant mesh storage net
  • 2x Snap Lock Suction Cup Hooks
  • 2M Square Sticker Hooks (for porous & textured walls)
  • 3x Small Pockets - Great to store soaps, shampoos, small toys
  • Great for alphabet letters, squirting toys, and larger tub toys
  • ​Toys dry quickly reducing the chance for mold
  • Heavy duty stitching for a strong hold

The Really Big Tub Cubby (30 WIDE x 23 LONG) wth 6x Lock Tight Suction Cup Hooks and 3M Discs - Sure to Hold Your Tub Cubby to Any Wall

The Really Big Tub Cubby Features

  • 30" Wide x 23" Long -heavy duty mesh net
  • 5x Snap Lock Suction Cup Hooks
  • 5M Square Sticker Hooks ( for porous & textured walls )
  • 6x Top pockets for soaps, shampoos and small toys
  • ​Toys dry quickly reducing the chance for mold
  • Heavy duty stitching for a strong hold
  • Great for alphabet letters, squirting toys, and larger tub toys
  • Holds dozens of toys

Teach in The Tub with 36 Soft Foam Letters and Numbers. Durable Medical Grade Foam Alphabet ABCs and Numbers.

  • Kids love the 36 soft foam ABC letters and numbers.
  • Fill the top pockets with washcloths and brushes and baby soaps
  • ​Use as a portable diaper changing organzier

  • Extra storage
    • Bedroom, garage, kitchen, linen closets
    • Camping
    • Boating
  • Car organization
    • Toy bin
    • Video games
    • Tech devices
  • Travel packing compartments

New 3M Square Sticker Hooks and Lock-Tight Suction Cups

  1. It's almost impossible to pull our hooks off smooth tile, but if your walls are textured or porous and can't hold our suction cups you can use our new Square Sticker Hooks. No suction required!

New for 2020 The Biggest Best Bath Toy Organizer Just Got Better. Introducing The New Improved TUB CUBBY! that will have kids cleaning up bath toys

2020 NPPA Winner - National Parent Product Award - CPSIA Certified

Giant Bath Toy Organizer & Caddy - The Really Big Tub Cubby

The Original Tub Cubby Bath Toy Organizer comes with 2x Bonus Lock Tight Suction Hooks and 4 Square Sticker Hooks - Sticks To Any Wall. The New Really Big Tub Cubby comes with 5x Lock-Tight Suction Cup Hooks and 5 Square Sticker Hooks that will stick your Tub Cubby Bath toy organizer to any wall.

  • KIDS LOVE THE TUB CUBBY + 36 NEW FOAM LETTERS & NUMBERS - The Tub Cubby makes organizing bath toys fun! Kids will want to put their bath toys away in this multi-pocket bath toy organizer because it will help keep all of their toys nice and tidy and most importantly, clean! The Tub Cubby is not only a great product to use in your bathroom, but use it for anything else you'd like to organize from socks, to car activities like crayons and coloring books.
  • TEACH IN THE TUB +36 SAFE & SOFT FOAM ALPHABET LETTERS & NUMBERS - Both Boys & Girls love to play the ABC 123 scoop up game and put their small bathtub toys into the big basket.
  • UNLIKE OTHER FLIMSY BATHTUB TOY BINS -that rip and fall apart, the Tub Cubby’s quick dry mold resistant mesh net is double stitched and guaranteed for life. Safe and Soft BPA Free Non-Toxic EVA Foam Letters for Kids +3yrs
  • 1000 + 5-STAR VERIFIED REVIEWS - Moms & Dads agree it’s nearly impossible to pull our Lock Tight Suction Hooks off smooth walls, but if you have textured walls our 3M Stickers are guaranteed to stay up! 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Because we’re parents too we designed and tested the Tub Cubby on our kids first. We expect the best and want the same for you. To resolve any issue you have simply contact CustomerService@ TubCubby and we’ll take good care of you.
  • NO MORE MOLDY BATH TOYS - Like a toy hammock, the air circulates through the basket keeping your toddlers toys nice and dry. The white mesh net bag easily mounts to any wall or tucks into a corner for maximum storage. BONUS 2x EXTRA HOOKS -for hanging the kids washcloths and organic toys. Big kids like hanging the Tub Cubby on a hanger like a shower caddy, in their RVs, boats and laundry rooms to stay organized.

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