Toddler Safety Leash for Kids & Child | Baby Wrist Leash for Walking - 2 Pack(4.9ft Blue +4.9ft Pink)



Color:Blue + Pink | Size:1.5 Meter

Let Your Child Explore Its Surroundings As It Stays Safe & Connected To You

Our premium quality toddler leash for children and toddlers will allow you to always stay connected to your kid and keep it safe during trips in crowded places.

Premium Quality Construction

Our toddler harnesses are super comfortable to wear as they sport a soft sponge and cotton cloth on the inside. This quality material does not hurt in any way the skin and remains comfortable even after daily use over a very long period of time.

The parent’s strap is bigger in size so that it fits easily and the kid’s strap features double stickers that are very difficult for your child to take it off on their own.

Premium Grade Extendable Chain

The extendable chain in between our wrist links is made out of mighty durable Stainless Steel with a PU cover, is nearly impossible to break and cannot be cut even by knife.

The shrinking chain can extend up to 1.5 meters and is linked to the wrist straps with metal connectors that can freely rotate 360 degrees.

Upgraded Lock

Child or Stranger can't open the child side without a key attached on parents side. Even More safety.

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  • UPGRADED LOCK. This Pair leash is with our latest lockers, Child or Stranger can't open the child side without a key attached on parents side. More safety for kids.
  • PARENTAL PEACE OF MIND: Let your child explore the environment safely as it always stays connected to you with our Anti-Lost Leash. The shrinking chain is made out of Stainless Steel and PU cover and it’s very difficult to break or even cut by knife. Enjoy peace of mind on any trip, vacation and walk outside in public and crowded environments like supermarkets and subways.
  • NO WORRIES-MAXIMUM FUN: It’s never fun to constantly run after your ever-active little one and force them to stay put when they want to explore. With our wrist harness, you can let your children run free and follow their nature as you enjoy a reduced burden of worries. Connect our safety harness to your kid’s hands, backpack or belt with ease, and keep them safe!
  • HIGHLY DURABLE & PRACTICAL: The advanced design of our Anti-Lost wrist links features specially designed straps for the parent and for kid respectively. The kid’s wrist link sports double stickers that make it ultra-difficult for them to take it off on their own, while the parent’s strap is of a larger size for maximum comfort while wearing it.
  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE: Both our wrist links are made out of the highest quality materials and feature a comfortable wrist strap cloth with a soft sponge pad that feels silky smooth upon touch. That way it is ensured that both the parent’s and the kid’s skin are not hurt in any way and they remain ultra-comfortable to wear.

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