Strollbright LED Lights for Strollers - Walking Light for Strollers - Long Lasting LED Safety Light for Baby Strollers



Strollbright is the ultimate safety light for strollers designed to keep your precious cargo safe. Two strips are included in each package that have 2 long lasting CR2032 batteries for over 160hrs of usage. These lights can be seen from miles away and will keep you visible on your nightly walks. Each strip is designed to go on the sides of your stroller with the Velcro straps. The strips go on in seconds without the need of charging. Strollbright has been tested on hundreds of strollers to make sure they fit and can stay on even when you fold your stroller up to transport. The strips can be taken off quickly because of the Velcro straps allowing you to move the LED lights between your walking and jogging stroller in a matter of seconds. With 160hrs of light, these efficient LEDs allow you to be safe on all your walks without the need for recharging. After 160hrs you can swap out the watch batteries CR2032 which can be found at any local hardware store or supermarket usually for just a dollar. No more USB charging for just a few hours a use. Strollbright is waterproof, kid resistant and designed to last longer than your stroller. These lights have been kiddo and mom approved.

  • Fits all stroller - over 500 models tested
  • 160 hours of usage until battery change (basic watch battery)
  • CR2032 watch battery included
  • Bright LED that can be seen from a distance
  • The system operators in 3 modes: sustained, fast-flashing and slow-flashing Sustained: 75 hours Fast-flashing: 125 hours Slow-flashing: 160 hours

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