Runleader RL-BI006 Battery Fuel Gauge Indicator for DC Powered Equipment Such as Fork Lifts, Golf Carts, Floor Care Equipment, and Any Other Battery Powered Equipment.



Runleader RL-BI006 Acid lead storage Battery LED battery indicator battery fuel gauge battery charge gauge for DC powered equipment such as fork lifts, golf carts, floor care equipment, and any other battery powered equipment..

This battery meter is real time display. It will change according to the real time voltage of battery. User can know the battery level very easily.
This battery indicator has 9 LED light to indicate the battery level and 2 overlapped LED light to display the state of battery level.
About 2 overlapped LED light,one is red and one is green.Red light means voltage too low or too high.Green light means it is a good state about battery level.
About 9 LED light, it include 3 red , 3 yellow and 3 green light. Red light means that it is the time to charge or discharge the battery.Green and yellow light is fine.

This battery meter suit for 12V or 24V lead acid storage battery. And voltage 12V and 24V will automatically identified according to battery’s voltage. No need operation by user.

Product Specification:
Product Size:44x33.5x13(mm)
Rating Input Voltage:DC 12V
Rating Input Current:<100mA
Power-off Leakage Current:<0.5mA
Operate Humidity:<+90%RH
Storage Temperature:-40°C- +70°C
Parts:1 Wire(0.7m),2*double-screw bolt 2*gasket 2*nut 1*3M sticker


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