Piggyback Rider Child Safety Harness Backpack for Hiking, Parks, Travel, Events, Amusement Parks, Festival, Concerts, Grocery Stores and More (Orange)



Similar to the most popular hydration packs on the market, the Piggyback Rider version doubles as a Safety Harness. This is can be used as a stand alone hydration pack for children or a replacement for the safety harness that is included with all Piggyback Rider carrier sets. Kids love having their "own" water to enjoy when they want it. Fits a 1 Liter hydration bladder. Great for any and all adventures as water is necessary to survival. Don't be caught without one for your kids.

  • Child Safety Harness Backpack for the Piggyback Rider doubles as a hydration ready pack.
  • Fully adjustable and worn like a backpack, just put it on like a jacket.
  • Fits 1 Liter hydration bladders ***BLADDERS NOT INCLUDED
  • Can be used for Hydration Bladder storage or storage for hiking and travel adventures.
  • Includes a whistle and elastic string to hold a small stuffed animal, sweater or artifact.

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