NUZAMAS Car 12V Battery Tester Alternator Testing Multi Functions Test Battery Condition and Charging with LED Indicator and Alligator Clips



Product feature:
The NUZAMAS Car Battery Tester is designed for rapid diagnosis of 12V batteries for vehicles and charging systems for small cars.
It uses a smart chip design to distinguish the battery output and voltage with multiple color LED lamps.
6 LEDs are divided into 3 groups;
First group : DC generators for test vehicles.
Second group : detecting the battery's charge level
Third group : The third group is detection of the battery start-up capacity
Alternator state and battery state check, check before charge and overload display
Charger check: when green light is flash, charging is complete
Cable length: 98cm
One testing clip for safe and easy operation.
Small size and light weight, convenient to carry.
Fit for car, motorcycle, etc., with 12V battery.
Heavy duty insulated clamps.
LED quantity: 6 (2 red, 3 green and 1 yellow)
Product size:190x40x63mm
Product weight: about 65g (including one clips)
Standard Accessories: meter (with one clips)
Package Includes:
1x NUZANAS Car Battery Tester


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