Merakkii SNAP Lock Beads & Fun Gears - Plug & Pop Caterpillar - Pop Beads for Toddlers - Fun 2 Learn Pop & Lock Caterpillar - Connecting Beads - Explore and Grow Busy Gears




Make learning fun for your child by providing them with toys that can do both! The moving gears are colorful and fun for young children and the Pop and lock Caterpillar is the ultimate enjoyment helping fine-motor skills. Toddlers will be able to create a caterpillar in different colors with unique shapes as each piece will twist the length in a new direction. Set includes head and tail and seven individually colored links.


Strengthens coordination, dexterity and fine motor skills. Builds muscle strength in the hands and wrists. Textures stimulate longer engagement with the toy. Twistable body parts inspire imaginary caterpillar play; while the moving gears teaches hand eye coordination for a fun and interactive playtime.


Check out this colourful little wiggler! Designed to amuse little minds and keep hands busy, the Fun Learn Pop and Lock Caterpillar will also help to develop early hand eye coordination and refine early motor skills. The fun Gears is designed to fun and learning in motion, gears toy comes with twelve colorful gears.


Chunky and lightweight make it easy for young children to grasp. Both toys help children learn different play patterns such as coordination, fine motor skills, language and counting.


These toys are not intended to be mouthed by the baby. Always have to be supervised by an adult. Both toys recommended age of twelve months and up.


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