Manito Clean Basic 3D Mesh Seat Pad/Cushion/Liner for Stroller and Car Seat (Triangle Pink)



Product Description

Manito Clean Basic 3D-Mesh Cooling Seat Pad

Manito is the first original brand to introduce 3D Mesh on the seat pad liners for stroller and car seat. Do not confuse with other similar 3D Mesh products because not all 3D Mesh seat pads are made equally. Manito has been providing the premium quality baby products to consumers since 1999 and Manito's years of experience building these 3D Mesh baby products are proven for superior craftsmanship, quality and usability compared to any other brands of the similar products in the market. Manito is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified and won the Premium Brand Awards in 2014 in South Korea and for three consecutive years won the first place for Korean Satisfaction Consumer Index in 2015 and 2017. Manito is the brand with trust, safety and comfort.

With the enhanced smooth surface by bonding the Tricot Mesh on top of the 3D Mesh body of the seat liner, it provides smoother and softer surface than previous models while providing the same breathablity with excellent airflow to cool down the temperature when a child is sitting on the stroller or car seat for a long period of time in the hot weather.

Fits on most strollers and car seats in the market.

** For infant car seats please purchase Clean Infant Carseat 3D Mesh Seat Pad/Cushion/Liner


What is 3D Mesh?

Manito's 3D Mesh is constructed with series of pillars between the top and bottom layer of the seat pad creating space where air can circulate easily and provide soft cushion at the same time.

It is highly breathable, wicks away moisture and provides excellent air circulation keeping the seat cool during summer and circulates warm air from the body heat during winter just like duck down effect.

3D Mesh is more breathable and has greater air-flow than bamboo, ramie or air-mesh.

Because of its tightly constructed support pillars, Manito's 3D Mesh seat pad is cushy and provides more comfortable experience. It recovers to it's original shape and thickness even after years of use.

**Not all 3D-Mesh is equal: There are many similar products who claims to be 3D-Mesh but most of them are air mesh which is easy to get confused with 3D-Mesh. 3D-Mesh is made with series of vertical pillars in between the top and bottom surface of the seat pad. Each pillars are closely constructed next to each other tight therefore a well-made 3D-Mesh product does not change in shape and its cushion even for long period of use.

Smooth and Soft Tricot Mesh

Tricot Mesh is widely used in sportswear because it is soft and smooth and yet highly breathable and easily wicks away moisture keeping it dry.

By combining the characteristics of the 3D Mesh technology and Tricot Mesh, Manito Clean Basic Seat Pads provides smoother and softer surface which is friendly to baby's skin and at the same keeping the baby cool and dry at all times.

Manito Clean Basic Seat Pad can be easily washed and dried. (Hand wash and hang dry is recommended and do not machine dry)

Its ergonomic signature design shape installs easily on any stroller or a car seat of various sizes and shapes. Simple design seat belt strap/buckle inserts makes it super easy to install.

Manito is designed and made in South Korea proven for superior craftsmanship and quality. Manito is the leading premium brand built with trust, safety and comfort.

  • Breathable sequential 3D-mesh construction keeps cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter.
  • Tricot mesh provides smoother surface for baby's sensitive skin while keeping the seat pad breathable.
  • Soft cushion for extra comfort and excellent self recovery to its original shape.Easy to install, light-weight and highly durable by its use of premium material.
  • Breathable and hygienic construction keeps the seat pad dry from sweat. Made in Korea
  • For infant car seats, please search for Manito Clean Infant Car Seat 3D-Mesh Seat Pad. ASIN: B07STPG25D

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