Kbraveo 45Pcs Mini Animals Miniature Ornament Kits Set for DIY,Fairy Garden Dollhouse Décor,Elephants,Rabbits,Hedgehogs,hens,Bunnies,Cubs,Chicks,Bees,Cows,Frogs,Snails,Turtles,Puppies,Pigs,Sheep

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Packing included:
2pcs x Elephants
1pcs x rabbits
1pcs x hedgehogs
1pcs x hens
1pcs x bunnies
1pcs x cubs
2pcs x chicks
1pcs x standing position duckling
2pcs x duckling
2pcs x swimming ducks
1pcs x bees,1pcs cows
1pcs x frogs,1pcs snails
1pcs x turtles
1pcs x puppies
1pcs x pigs
1pcs x Curly sheep
1pcs x sheep
1pcs x deer
1pcs x flamingos
20 x ladybugs
Animal Size: approx 0.4 ~ 1.2 inch


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