Honey-Can-Do Wooden Laundry Drying Rack



Product Description

You want to dry your silk tops naturally, so naturally you turn to this Wooden Laundry Drying Rack which provides 25 feet of natural drying real estate. It’s only natural, really. Air drying clothes not only extends the life of the them, but also cuts energy costs, saving you a little green while making the world a little greener, too. You’ll marvel at the way this indoor drying rack cradles your favorite garments over sturdy, non-slip bars, then folds up and stores easily in your laundry room or closet. The best part? When it comes to wooden laundry stands, you know this one is strong enough to hold your most delicate pieces.

From the Manufacturer

This indoor drying rack is a necessity for any sized laundry room. Its compact design lets you dry several garments at once. Folds to store anywhere. Vinyl covers on the wood bars to keep them mildew free. Made from a durable wood specifically treated to last longer than other wood drying racks, this unit is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


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