G Ganen Infant Baby Cozycushion Sleeping Cushion Head and Body Support Cushion Stroller and Seat Comfort Cushion 3D Mesh Summer Cool Liner (Black Bear)




This is the universal cushion for the comfort of babies.
Especially designed to give optimum comfort to newborns, it fits most of type of baby rockers, swings and strollers and baby seats.
Plus, it is made of a very soft breathable and fire retarding fabric for a perfect ventilation of the head, the back and the neck. Different density foams to ensure comfort and correct position of the baby.
Detachable headrest and adjustable height offer more flexibility to use.

  • Caring Design: to distribute pressure evenly over the skull while baby lies on their back, helps the baby develop the proper head shape, Ergonomic headrest and body support with padded edges are made for optimum comfort; It creates a nest that reassures baby and guarantees an ideal position.
  • Premium Quality Material: Ultra-soft, breathable and fire retarding fabric allow for perfect head, back and neck ventilation. Good construction cushions and supports baby, making less sweat and stay cool in summer, creating a cocoon they enjoy laying in.
  • Universal Adaption: Adapts to most of type of baby rocker, swing, stroller and baby seats and high chair, which makes it an essential accessory for your baby's comfort, whether your little one is laying down to play, rest or sleep. The Product can be used with 2, 3 and 5-point harnesses.
  • Adjustable Height: Its height could be adjusted with growth of your baby. 7cm height may be enlarged. Total height can be from 57-64 cm.
  • Detachable Headrest: Headrest can be removed to compatible with any car seats with thick and narrow headrest already. More flexible and easy to use.

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