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Product Description

a little boy and girl swinging on climbing rope with disc swing

When it comes to our sensory systems, swinging is a fantastic way to engage a child’s vestibular sensory system – the ability to know how to use our muscles in correlation with gravity. This system controls behavior such as balance and movement. And swinging is a great sensory workout for kids looking to build gross motor skills and develop sensory integration.What’s more, swinging helps the brain learn to make sense of speed and direction, which may be beneficial for kids with visual perception issues.

Get your kids to play outside for more than a couple of minutes

girl playing on tablet and swing rope with platforms and disc

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Dimension 40" 60"x32" 60"x32" 60"x32" 40" 40"
Weight Limit 450 lb 350 lb 350 lb 350 lb 450 lb 450 lb
Included Hardware
Adjustable Height
Waterproof Material

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