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Q- Is FAA approved?
A- This Child Travel Harness Complies with the safety regulations established by the FAA for all phases of flight, taxing, takeoff, turbulence and landing, We are in the process of processing our certification in the FAA.

Q- Is for children from what age?
A -We recommend focusing on your child´s height and weight instead of their age. According to the FAA certification, The system may be used by children that weigh between 22 and 44 lbs. (~10-20 kg), are no taller than 40 inches (~101 cm) and who are capable of sitting in a forward facing, upright position without assistance.

Q - Have a crotch strap? (Strap between the leg)
A - No. This is because the FAA was concerned that given the particulars of airplane movement the strap itself could cause injury. In their testing the FAA found that if the Harness straps and the lap belt were tightened securely, slipping beneath the belt is not common.

Q - Does Toddler Travel Harness affect the operation of the tray behind the child’s seat
A- No. The Harness did not adversely affect the functionality of the tray. The tray is lowered only while the red webbing loop is adjusted around the seat, and then is closed and locked in place, covering up The Harness loop.

Set Up

1. Seat your child in the airplane seat.
2. Lower the tray table behind your child’s seat.
3. Slide the RED LOOP of the restraint over the seat back, adjust the height of the RED LOOP so it is just above your child’s shoulders, and tighten it. Then close the tray table covering the Red Loop.
4. Place the BLACK SHOULDER STRAPS over your child’s shoulders and slide the buckle and connector ends of the regular airplane seat belt through the loops at the bottom of the BLACK SHOULDER STRAPS.
5. Buckle the seat belt and pull it snugly across your child’s lap as you normally would do and then buckle the chest clip and snug down the Shoulder Straps.

  • [Elegantly Designed] Specially designed device that works in conjunction with the regular airplane harness and provides young travelers the same level of safety as a car seat.
  • [¡Important!] We have added a Q&A section in the product description which should be very useful
  • [Easy to Install] Takes less than 1 minute to assemble the restraint system for your kids.Eliminates the hassle of lugging bulky car seats through the airport,and does not take up much space and can easily be stored in your diaper bag, handbag or stroller.
  • [Aviation Travel Only]Child Airplane Safety Travel Harness is meant only for travel in airplanes and not in cars or any other sort of motor vehicle. It is designed to keep your child safe during take off, landing and any experienced turbulence.
  • [Universal Fit] Easy to use adjuster to expand and tighten easily around any size of airplane seat. For all kids 22-44 lbs (9-18kg)(approx. 1-5 years of age)

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