ChaBabee Large 2-Piece Set Baby Infants to Toddlers and Beyond Muslin 100% Cotton Hooded Bath Towel + Washcloth Set Unisex for Boys or Girls – Elephants Green Brown



Our Towels and Washcloths come in generous square sizes to allow you to comfortably wrap and cuddle your baby bath after bath and allow your baby to use them for a long time from newborn, toddler ,and even kindergarten; saving you money. You won’t have to retire these bath time essentials a few months after you open them for your buddle of joy.


Do you know why babies scream when they are taken out of the water after a bath? Well, it is because of discomfort! They are snug and warm in the water, and then all of a sudden they are cold! The little tiny newborn baby towels do not help the situation either; they can hardly fully wrap and cover the baby. That is why this towel comes in a large 35.4 inch square size; to allow parents and caregivers to comfortably cover their babies after a wash and swiftly eliminate the discomfort. With its bountiful size, you will not wrestle with the towel when covering your baby.

The wash cloth also comes in a larger size of 11.8 inch square size to allow you to conveniently, luxuriously, and effortlessly wash your baby.

They are muslin cotton multi layered to allow quick free passage of air to avoid overheating and also to quickly soak up water.

The generous size allows your child to use the same towel and washcloth for a much longer time, eliminating the need for you to reach into your pocket sooner to buy new replacement towels and wash clothes.

A Cozy Baby = A Happy Baby = A Happy Parent/Caregiver. Therefore, KEEP EM’ SNUG, GET THE SMILES”.

  • 100% Cotton
  • MULTI-LAYERED MUSLIN: Super soft, breathable, comfortable, and gentle enough for extra sensitive baby. Absorbs and dries easily. Perfect for snuggling your little one with warmth after a bath or a swim
  • GENEROUSLY SIZED: Big enough for newborn babies/infants, toddlers, and beyond. Towel: 35.4” x 35.4”, Washcloth 11.8” x 11.8”
  • CONTENT: 1 hooded bath time towel and 1 matching washcloth. The washcloth is finished with a loop convenient for hanging
  • PACKAGING: Nicely packaged in a box to make a great motherhood baby shower bath gift set for a boy or girl

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