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Size:Large | Color:Black

They Love Dog Backpacks, but they ADORE Bum’s Pack!

You may already know that dogs love backpacks. It makes them feel important, and it keeps them focused with the important carrying work they have to do for you. And, of course, when you add items to create a weighted dog vest, it assists in muscle development and healthy bone density.

But they do NOT love the chafing and discomfort!

So when we designed the Bum’s Pack Pet Backpack for running, backpacking, hiking and other such things we added a few extra things that dogs love most.

  • The Low Profile Chest Strap stops chafing in the sensitive under arm area and is more comfy
  • We added an EPE inner for gentle Floatation Assistance for dogs who love swimming
  • 1000D Nylon with Mesh Lining Fabric is Water Resistant and Sweat Proof for comfort in all weather

And we added a little something for you too!

  • Large Luminous Patches allow you and your dog to be seen in the dark
  • Mesh dog water bottle holder gives you somewhere to store your drink (or theirs!)
  • ... And we added a matching water bottle just for you!

Available in Pink or Black! Here are the specs for the Large Dog Saddlebag

  • 18-30inch (length of spine), 24-35 inch (neck circumference), 28-40 inch (around chest)
  • 2x Pouches: 6” wide, 16” long to keep dog accessories or yours!
  • Please see our images for how to measure your dog (P.S. Also available in medium size)

So, grab your dog daypack and take your dog camping, on a hike, out for exercise or just a morning stroll knowing that they have everything they need, you have your hands free - and most of all, they’re comfortable from start to finish. Comes with 100% Money Back Guarantee if they’re not happy with it!

  • THE PACK DOGS ADORE EVEN MORE! Dogs love little doggy backpacks! They feel important and focused, and develops stronger muscle. But Bum’s Pack Dog Harness Backpack does even more! This chafe-free design features flotation assistance, nighttime reflector strips, strong pockets to create a weighted vest, drink bottle holder and bonus drink bottle for you! Available in pink or classic black
  • WILL IT FIT MY DOG? Our LARGE backpack for dogs will fit the following dimensions: 18-30inch length of spine, 24-35 inch neck circumference and 28-40 inch around their chest. Please view our image showing where to measure and go and measure your dog. And seeing that it fits, you can order confidently. The pockets on each side are 6” wide, 16” long to store keys or small weighted packs.
  • NO-CHAFE DESIGN: We’ve seen some upsetting photos of dog underarms that are chafed and sore. And so, we place our chest strap mid-way down the dog pack so it doesn’t rub on that area, and breathable mesh lining that’s soft, cool, and prevents sweat rash. Plus, straps that don’t cut in! Made from 1000D Nylon, it’s water resistant, super easy to clean and features an EPE inner for extra buoyancy in water!
  • JUST CLIP YOUR LEASH ON AND ROAM! Your doggie backpack features a strong D Ring so you can clip your existing leash on without a problem. But if you’re concerned about your ultra-strong dog, there’s plenty of room if you want to use your own collar underneath. And unlike fussy step-in designs, our dog packs for hiking use a simple (but strong) buckle release for the neck and chest.
  • ONE-OF-A-KIND: Just like your furry friend, this dog saddle is special! It’s the only one with a drink bottle holder so you don’t need to carry anything on your walk! We also include a matching water bottle as a gift to you. It’s the only pack with a large reflector strip, and easy to see at night. Comes with a full money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. So why not try Bum’s Pack now risk free.

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