Baby Toddlers Cute Butterfly Owl Bat Backpacks with Wrist Leash for Kid Walking Safety 1.5 to 3 Years (bat red)



Product Description

Toddler Backpack with Leash


Kids Walking Safety Backpack

With this harness backpack device, mummies can not only have a peace of mind but also a relief on labor.

Size Information 7.8×7.8×2.7 (inch) 7.8×7.8×2.7(inch) 9.8 ×7.8×3.9(inch) 7.9×7.9×2.8(inch) 7.9×7.9×2.8(inch)
  • Premium Quality: The mini bag is made of quality nylon fabric which is lightweight but of high strength. There are buckles on both shoulder straps to adjust the length. The D-ring and clip are all metal, which are durable and reliable. The wrist leash is made of thickened steel wire wrapped by environmental-friendly PU material. And soft sponge cushions are embedded in the wrist cuff.
  • 3D Design: This is a magic mini bag with 3D design. You can easily turn it into an anti-lost walking harness by connecting the coil leash to it. Without the leash, it can work as a bag holding various baby stuffs such as diapers, candies, wipes, etc. It boasts a super cute design, and your angle, when wearing it, can be like a flying butterfly or owl, exploring the world freely and safely since you can always keep her/him close in case of dangers.
  • Sizes on Offer: The mini bag is 7.8inch wide ,7.8inch high and 2.7inch thick (0-0.7inch margin of error may exist since it is measured by hand), and won’t cause pressure and discomfort to your kid. It is especially catering for kids aged around 1.5 to 3 years old.
  • Daily Use: With this backpack harness device, mummies can not only have a peace of mind but also a relief on labor. This harness can prevent your curious toddlers from running away and getting lost, but meanwhile give him/her some freedom to play by himself/herself. It can be very helpful in crowded places like the shopping mall, airport, railway stations, pedestrian crossing, etc. when both of your hands are occupied with bags or luggage and you are not able to hold your kid’s hand.
  • Easy but Firm Wearing: It is an anti-lost harness easy to put on and off. To make it convenient, we put the pulling coil in the back and the connecting clips can rotate in 360° angles. In case that the backpack would slip off, we have a strap with buckles across the chest, thus connecting the two shoulder straps and making it hard to slip. And we also have a lock in the wrist cuff so that your kid is unable to take off the wrist by himself/herself. Besides, this backpack is also dismountable.

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