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Product description:

SPECIAL OFFER! Comes with our specially designed stroller hooks.

EXPERIENCE WHAT THE BEST STROLLER ORGANIZER CAN OFFER YOUR FAMILY. This wonderfully designed baby stroller organizer by Baby belugas is a smart idea for those wonderful outings with your little ones and the fun adventure’s.

SPECIALLY DESIGNED WITH YOUR FAMILIES NEEDS IN MIND. As a busy dad with two boys--I know your hands are full as a parent! Planning outings grabbing the kids, getting organized, dressing those little ones that just want to play and not to mention--the car seats! Having a diaper bag, purse, snacks, toys, stroller and a million things for your little one. Our baby stroller organizer bag is there to help you stay organized and its classic smartly designed bag is decision that you will be loving for the years to come.


1. Unpack and unfold our stroller organizer bag.

2. Use either the large side straps to wrap around your stroller handles on each side and Velcro or use our specially designed stroller hooks to attach on any stroller on either side with our massive hooks to secure the stroller organizer.

3. Special stroller hooks—wrap the specially designed strap around any stroller handle and feed it back through on to itself and secure to our self-adhesive velcro.

4. Secure stroller organizer bag with metal clips on each side of the stroller and bag for a secure fit.

Note: When securing your baby stroller organizer always keep in mind that keeping your stroller organizer bag level with the ground will help ensure all your belongings and drinks are level and will help prevent your drinks from spilling. DON’T USE OUR BABY STROLLER ORGANZIER BAG TO HOLD HOT LIQUIDS.


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