Anti Lost Child Leash Toddler Harness Cute Safety Walking Harness with Safety Leash for Toddlers 1-3 Years Old Boys and Girls



Many Toddlers are very active and independent. Some Kids do not like to ride in strollers and will not hold hands. They like to walk on their own.
As parents, we want to give them freedeem and we also want to keep them close to us and safety. This Flashbluer Safety Harness Leash will be the best thing which will give your kids independence and parents a piece of mind.

Use Occasion:
It makes walks in crowded areas( Mall, Zoo) or just to the park so much easier and gives kids the independence they crave while keeping them safe.

Lightweight and Comfortable and Convenient:
It is super lightweight, kids can never realize they are wearing a harness. The strap is also easily detached. Easy to take on and off which is very convenient.

Useful and Safe:
Very useful for toddlers that are starting to walk. It’s even good for kids that already know how to walk; it’s safe when out in public places. It is a life saver for the toddler boy or girl who loves to run.

It is washable. It is better to wash by hand.

What Includes:
One harness with detachable leash.

  • High Quality: It is made of durable fabric and metal. It is stitched well, the clip is strong.
  • Easy to Use: It is to adjust the size for kids and easy to unclip if you want to leave on the harness and put away the leash
  • Freedom for Toddlers and Parents: It gives toddlers much freedom to walk instead of being in stroller the whole time. And it gives parents a little piece of mind
  • Adorable Design: It is an adorable design which will make kids love it and like to wear it.
  • Harness Size: 9.45* 8.26 inch harness, 63 inch leash, which will fits toddlers perfectly and comfortabley.

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