3 pack Bath Bomb/Shower Soother/Shower Steamer 4" x 5" Bag - Clean Bath/Clean Shower/Less Mess/Most Effective Aromatherapy



These 4” by 5 wide nylon mesh drawstrings bags were designed for use with our Stripped Bath & Body brand Shower Soothers, however, we've learned from our patrons that they serve a number of other uses! When used with Shower Soothers/ Shower Steamers, they are hung from a shower caddy, shower curtain or somewhere else inside the shower that is close to the nasal passages but outside the direct stream of the shower.

Once wet, the Soother tabs release their essential oils and the aromatherapy experience begins.

Why You'll Love It

★In addition to keeping the product close to the nose for maximum aromatherapy benefit, the Mesh Soother Bag keeps the product in one place instead of dissolving over the entire tub floor. ★The Bag does the same with Bath Bombs, especially those with herbs, flowers or other additives. Additives remain in the bag, making it easier to clean up when you are finished.

★The best part? These bags are sturdy and can be washed and reused several times, ensuring a fresh experience every shower or bath! Machine wash on a gentle cycle and air dry.

NOTE: Color varies depending on which net and cord we have in stock. Bags will fit MOST standard sized bath bombs as seen in the photo. They will not fit oversized bath bombs.


Product specifications

Technical Details
Production Method All Stripped Bath & Body products are hand made from responsibly source materials.
Width 4 inches
Height 5 inches
Color Varies - typically white or grey
Material nylon
Directions Insert Shower Soother or Bath Bomb, use bath product as directed. Wash and reuse.
Mintage 0.25 Ounce
Ingredients Nylon mesh fabric. Nylon cording.

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