» » » Ever Natural Body Oil Set 3in1 – Organic All Natural Beauty Body Essential Oils – Best Plant-based Anti Cellulite Oil – After post Waxing Skin Care and Lifting Restoring Body Oils

Ever Natural Body Oil Set 3in1 – Organic All Natural Beauty Body Essential Oils – Best Plant-based Anti Cellulite Oil – After post Waxing Skin Care and Lifting Restoring Body Oils


PLANT-BASED BODY OILS – the key to look great at any age!

Each bottle of natural oil with green coffee, extract of chamomile and raspberry ketones provides the best natural benefits for skin because of cold press extraction methods unlike body lotion or body cream.

Complete improvement of the skin with EverNatural body oils

EverNatural organic body oils are finely textured and mildly viscous, making them ideal for massage sessions. Organic oil blends kit increases the effectiveness of massage, providing therapeutic and preventive effects: anti-cellulite, tonic, soothing, anti-stress and relaxing. Enriched with powerful broad spectrum therapeutic grade all natural body oils have been used for centuries to keep the skin in a great condition.

Apply daily a suitable oil after the shower to prevent and remove cellulite, stretch marks, skin irritations and redness!

Body oil set advantages:
✔Finest, natural, 100% organic ingredients;

✔Vitamins and minerals rich;

✔ Absorbs quickly;

✔Chemicals free, Fragrance free, preservative free, cruelty free, vegan;

✔ Helps relieve muscle tension;

✔ Therapeutic body lubricant;

✔ Easy application.

EverNatural produces only the safest and most effective natural skincare products, so our body oil set will help you achieve beautiful, elastic and healthy skin that you have always dreamed of.

With love to you and your beauty, Ever Natural!



• PLANT-RICH BODY OILS: Natural body oil set includes 3 oil bottles: Green coffee oil + Oil with extract of chamomile + Red raspberry oil, 60ml each. Emollient-rich oil blend lubricates the skin and provides superior slip while leaving a non-greasy residue on skin after massage. Body essential oils have a convenient size, so you can take them with you wherever you go. For external use only.
•BEAUTY BODY OILS – EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA: Your legs, belly and buttocks will feel tighter, muscle tension will decrease, sleep will improve and be well-balanced, you will gain a feeling of relaxation. Organic body oils increase blood circulation, collagen and oxygen, provide your metabolism with a start that creates a younger, healthier skin and remove toxins from deep tissues. Whether you need a gift for a sister, mother, colleague or friend, this set is perfect for any occasion.
•ORGANIC GREEN COFFEE OIL – BYE BYE CELLULITE: Anti cellulite oil promotes resorption of subcutaneous fat and elimination of toxins, due to which the skin is tightened and becomes more elastic. Anti cellulite massage oil with green coffee helps to improve blood circulation, eliminates dehydration and dryness of the epidermis. Cellulite treatment oil absorbs quickly, leaving a light, non-greasy feeling.
•POST EPILATION OIL WITH EXTRACT OF CHAMOMILE: After waxing oil carefully takes care of the skin, protects it from irritation and redness because of the healing properties of chamomile. Due to the complex of natural minerals, this post wax / waxing oil perfectly softens, soothes and moisturizes the skin, gives it velvety and smoothness, leaving a pleasant feeling of lightness. Let the epilation process be more enjoyable with after epilation essential oils!
•RED RASPBERRY OIL – BEST BODY LIFTING OIL: The complex of active ingredients gently nourishes, perfectly softens and carefully moisturizes the epidermis. Restoring body oil provides an excellent skin protection and helps to stabilize and improve the antioxidant activity, lifting body oil effectively moisturizes and improves skin elasticity and dryness. Using body / buttock / legs lifting up oil, you will forget about skin dryness, peeling, and small cracks on the body.