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Look for Organic Control at Lightfoot Market!

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BROOKLYN, NY. On April 30, join us at the Organic Control booth at the innovative Lightfoot Market at 26 Bridge Street, in Brooklyn New York. From 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. join the leaders and luminaries in the environmental sustainability movement in Brooklyn for an exciting day of connecting, shopping, and sharing. Lightfoot market is committed to supporting Brooklyn’s local sustainable businesses and to supporting the growing local organic movement.

Listen to industry leaders discuss ways to make sustainable change a reality in your life, community, and businesses. Meet our Organic Control representative at our booth and learn about our commitment to local initiatives, environmental protection, and organic living. Organic Control organic laundry detergent strongly believes that the choices we make—from the food we eat to the products we use to clean our clothes and dishes—make a big difference in our personal health and in the health of the planet.

Brands featured in Lightfoot Market meet the highest standards for environmental, social, and economic initiatives. Support local brands, organic companies, and businesses that are committed to social, economic, and environmental change. At our Organic Control booth, you can learn more about how our organic laundry detergent meets strict ICEA standards and about our company’s latest environmental and social initiatives.

Organic Control organic laundry detergent meets Lightfoot Market’s strict standards for being conflict free, cruelty free, non-toxic, and sweatshop free. We hope to see you at 26 Bridge Street in Brooklyn, New York on April 30. We look forward to meeting you between 1 and 7 p.m.

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