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Hypo-allergenic products

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Wash children’s clothes with our organic camomile “gentle touch” laundry detergent—gentle enough for babies, but strong enough to tackle tough stains. From the first day of your baby’s life, you want to provide the best for your child. The choices you maHypo-allergenic productske every day matter.

Our Organic Control Organic Laundry Detergent for Baby Clothes with Camomile is specially designed to wash and protect baby clothes. Our detergent is composed of 95% natural ingredients and the formula’s efficacy and safety are confirmed by the International Certificate ICEA (Italy).

Our hypo-allergenic product is perfect for washing infants’ diapers, undershirts, shorts, t-shirts, and linens. Our formula protects your washing machine while safely removing the toughest soils from children’s clothing.

Our detergent is suitable for both machine and hand washing and our “gentle touch” formula reflects our commitment to providing safe products that can be used at every stage of life.

We are committed to protecting the environment through the production of ecologically-friendly organic products.

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