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How do we produce?

Preservative-Free Production

We use infrared drying processes instead of harmful preservatives and additives. Our production process incorporates several drying and preservation technologies to preserve the fresh taste and healthy ingredients of the finished product. Among the preservation techniques available, we use infrared radiation. This technology allows us to dry our products at low temperatures (40 to 60 degrees Celsius.) This preservation technique affords us the ability to perfectly preserve the flavor and nutritious value of the raw ingredients we use. During the infrared process, the fruit and raw ingredients are not exposed to harmful electromagnetic fields or radiation. Infrared radiation is absorbed by the water contained in the product, but is not absorbed by the tissue of the fruit. By drying products using this technology, we can preserve vitamins and minerals, without subjecting our ingredients to additional chemicals or additives. Our technique allows for the optimal preservation of the product without the need for additional preservatives. Our products do not require special storage and contain no sulfur dioxide, citric acid, or sweeteners. Our special production techniques leave you with fruit and nothing more.


Organic Fruit

We use only fruit and vegetables that have been grown organically, in an eco-friendly manner. Try one of our organic, healthy, and delicious snacks on the go. Our convenient bars can be packed with lunch or carried in your day pack for your next wilderness hike.