» » » Health of Nations and Fruk Fetta Join Surfer’s Way for a Day of Fun, Sun, Waves, and Sweets

Health of Nations and Fruk Fetta Join Surfer’s Way for a Day of Fun, Sun, Waves, and Sweets

LONG BEACH, New York. The ocean has the power to change lives. 

Health of Nations, Inc. and Fruk Fetta joined Surfer’s Way to bring the joy of surfing to children with special needs. Families gathered on Long Beach as surf instructors and volunteers helped children catch their first waves. Surfing has been known to offer incredible therapeutic benefits for children and adults alike. From children with autism to veterans suffering from PTSD, riding the waves can be immensely healing. A couple of days each summer, Surfer’s Way and the local community come together to help special needs children and their families experience the joy of the sea.

After the surf, families enjoyed lunch together by the ocean, enjoying food provided by sponsors. And, for dessert, Health of Nations, Inc. brought along our Fruk Fetta candies, offering the children and their families a healthy snack to enjoy after a day of fun out on the water.

Dietary restrictions can make it tough for some families to find healthy snack alternatives for their children. For instance, children who suffer from chronic allergies may struggle to find foods that don’t trigger allergic reactions. The Health of Nations, Inc. is honored to help families in the fight to find safe and healthy alternatives and snacks. Fruk Fetta’s fruit bars offer an excellent option for individuals with dietary restrictions. Our natural fruit bars are simply good. They are low in sugar and made with fruit.

Our day with Surfer’s Way was just another wonderful reminder that nature’s abundance is out there for all of us to enjoy. The calming effects of the ocean combined with the thrill of riding a wave was a joyful experience for all involved. Health of Nations, Inc. was thrilled to be able to share our snacks after the surf. Fresh fruit, good waves, and sunshine made for a touching and naturally sweet day.