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Best Baby and Laundry Detergent—And What to Avoid

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Best Baby and Laundry Detergent—And What to Avoid

NEW YORK. As more parents become aware of the harmful chemicals being used in conventional laundry detergents, parents are opting to use organic baby laundry detergents to clean their children’s clothes, bedding, and diapers. Organic baby laundry detergent products are specially formulated to be safe for babies’ sensitive skin.

Parents have good reason to be concerned about the kind of laundry detergent they are using. According to a Today Show report, there has been a 20 percent increase in injury, and even some deaths, when children have ingested popular laundry detergent pods. In a study performed by the Center for Injury Research and Policy, a child was reported to the poison control center every 45 minutes for ingesting dangerous and harmful chemicals. Pods are particularly dangerous and harmful because they contain concentrated amounts of laundry detergent and concentrated amounts of chemicals. After ingesting these dangerous chemicals, children fell into comas, faced heart attacks, and stopped breathing. The Wall Street Journal reports that 37,000 calls were made to the U.S. poison control when children under age 6 were exposed to these deadly laundry detergent pods.

The situation is so alarming, that some experts recommend that parents not buy any kind of concentrated detergent if they have young children in their homes. Yet, even when parents store conventional detergents out of children’s reach, it may be wise to think about the chemicals we are exposing our children to on a daily basis.

Conventional detergent may irritate sensitive skin and may leave residue of harmful chemicals on clothes. This is why more parents than ever are choosing to buy organic baby laundry detergent. Health of Nations, Inc. offers some of the best options for organic baby cleaning products on the market. Whether you’re looking for an organic laundry detergent for baby clothes, or organic dishwasher detergent for baby bottles, you’ll find safe, chemical-free options.

There are many baby detergents on the market, but not all of them are organic. Organic Control products are certified by the ICEA. This strict certification process ensures that your product is organic and free of harmful chemicals.

Why choose a baby laundry detergent? A good baby laundry detergent will be gentle on sensitive skin, free of toxic chemicals and fragrances, while also being tough enough to tackle hard-to-clean stains. Some companies label products for “babies” but don’t change their formula. If you’re paying for a baby detergent, you want something that will protect your family while also being effective.

Parents have many decisions to make for their children every day—decisions about food, cleaning, and safety. Organic Control laundry detergents are safe, chemical free, and organic. While you’ll want to keep any cleaning product out of the reach of your child, it makes sense to keep your home stocked with products that introduce the fewest hazards. With Organic Control, you get peace of mind, and soft, nice smelling clothes to match.

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